I hear you are looking for an all star, production unicorn?  Behold, I am the mythical beast you are looking for!


I have worked as an independent producer, editor, colorist, post supervisor, videographer, and location sound mixer.  My projects include solo journalism, branded content, commercials, direct web content, independent film, music videos, live production and network documentaries and docudramas. I consider myself to be a very well rounded media creator who is comfortable in almost any production role and loves collaboration.

A little about me...I started my career working in public television and developing my DBA, House Productions. Then, when my son was born, I moved into a full time position at Lone Wolf Media.  Currently, I work as the post supervisor and online editor/colorist; balancing family, work, freelance and personal development.

Please contact me with any questions and feel free to visit my profile on StaffMeUp and IMBD for more information!