Location Audio

Hello World!

My name is Matthew Fletcher, I am a Location Audio Mixer based out of Portland, Maine.  I work on reality, documentary and indie film for network television and independent productions in the US and abroad.

I am an exceptional crew member for small crews due to my experience in field production as a shooter and A/C and due to my post production experience as a supervisor and editor.

My kit includes a Nomad multitrack recorder, 4 wireless lavs and three IFB receivers that send audio and a constant timecode sync to camera or producer.

Please contact me with any questions and feel free to visit my profile on StaffMeUp and IMBD for more information!


My equipment list includes:

10 track Zaxcom Nomad Mixer/Recorder
4x Wireless Lav Kits with Tram tr50 Mics
3x wireless time code packs for producer reference or audio/TC to
Sanken CS3e mic
Schoeps CMIT 5U mic
2 X Boom Pole and Cradle
Sound Blankets
2 X C Stands