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NOVA – The Ship That Changed the World

Airing 6/2 on PBS - this episode of NOVA focuses on the excavation of a mysterious ship found in the muddy waters of Sweden. For this project I worked as the post supervisor, working directly with the production team through development, pre-production, production and post processes. Once editorial was locked, I worked as the online editor and colorist in preparation for final delivery to the network.

The most challenging aspect of this project was color correcting the underwater footage. There were multiple divers with different cameras who documented the ship's excavation in 2019. Not only was it a challenge to match these cameras, there are also two looks for the underwater footage for double the fun!


Edited with Avid Media Composer - Colored with Filmlight's Baselight

NOVA - The Ship That Changed the Word - Cold Open

Five centuries ago, the Age of Exploration and Europe’s imperial colonization of far-off lands was launched by a revolution in ship design that made long-distance ocean voyages practical. But exactly how this momentous innovation happened eludes historians. Now, the excavation of a rare intact wreck discovered off the coast of Sweden offers vital new clues to a maritime mystery.

(Premiering June 2 at 9 pm on PBS.)